About Us

There’s actually two of us. This is my site where  I specialize in the back-end stuff, and websites – mostly mobile.  I come from an IT background, CrashSiteComputers.com- mostly support, desktop, network, and server admin.   I got  tired of troubleshooting problems at all hours of the day, night, and weekends, so now I build things .

My next project will be http://www.Cybergatory.com – Where do files go when we lose them, and other security questions?  I show how to recover them and more importantly – how to keep from losing them.  This will focus on File management for the small business.  Disaster recovery, management, preparation & loss prevention.  It will also address things like identity theft.

The other half of the team  is a recovering accountant / bookkeeper / tax preparer.  She’s a bit more extroverted, therefor does Social Media.  Her site is  a work in progress.

If we don’t or can’t do something you need done,  we work with other people who can.    Success comes from finding the right people for the right job.

That’s what we do.  In a constantly changing atmosphere – just like a dustdevil.

The first step is to see what YOU need.  So complete this short survey  . . .

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If really important or a rush job call 575-446-3672 and leave a message.